Friday, December 10, 2010

Our First Snow Cover

Today we had our first snow cover here at the homestead. All looks so peaceful & clean. No picnic in the gazebo any time soon. The day started out with a bang. Our little dog ran off to the neighbors enjoying the snow. The van would not start. It has been acting up for three days. The jeep has two flat tires. Herding the little dog back home & in to the warm homestead. Oh on to my truck with not much time to get the boys to the bus stop. Slip sliding down the field & tires spinning I was not so sure we would make it up the hill. Safe & sound all was well. Later after three tries while tires spinning & the truck sliding in half circles I made it out of the bank parking lot. It would help if I knew how to put the truck in 4 wheel drive. A Mothers work is never done.

The arbor & swing so still & waiting for someone to come & swing again. Much to cold for me.

I was thinking how cute a big old snowman would look built beside the outhouse tool shed. I never did find a big red bow for the pine sprigs.

How beautiful to see the evergreens dusted with snow. The garden dose not look so barren now.

The frozen fish pond covered with snow. I wondered waht the fish were up to. If it were not so cold & I felt up to it I think it would look pretty with pine branches laying around it. Home alone with no vehicle to go any where in & feeling lonely I cleaned the homestead some more today. Never no shortage of dust bunnies or cobwebs & I just hate to dust. Oh but it must be done. The boys were in school & Laken went away for a few days. Hubby took my truck & went to a Christmas dinner where he works. So many thoughts are running around my mind at this time.

Feeling really tired & stressed from this day I lit the tart warmer & added balsam fir & orange scented nuggets of wax after a late supper. It smells so wonderful.

Late today the furnace stopped working & I called the repair man. He would not be back til Monday. Later called by a temp repair man who was to busy to get the homestead in. While on the phone hubby returned home from his work Christmas dinner. Hubby believes it is because I put the wood recipe box I did over as a thermostat cover that has got to be causing it. The repair man assures us it is not the cause. He talks hubby through things over the phone & believes it is the reset switch. We are to continue pushing it if it will not kick on & call Monday. I have turned the electric fireplace on tonight to take the chill off.

The Christmas tree is a glow in the dark. I find is peaceful & relaxing to just look at the lights. Sometimes it is better to be still in mind & not think at all.

Oliver sure has not been earning her keep. She has been inside the past few days. She has curled up on the bed & a chair in the kitchen entry way most of the time. She has been sleeping & resting. I love to hear her soft purr. But I did bring her inside in hopes of her catching the cute field mice that have turned up inside the homestead of late. I guess maybe she thinks she is at a spa these days. She wanted back outside so we opened the door & off she went. Lucas set some mouse traps tonight in hopes of catching them. Oh I hate to see them in a trap. Off we will be going to bed soon. All bundled up in our warm quilts snug as a bug in a rug in high hopes Saturday will be a better day. Good night to you all & have a wonderful weekend.

Blessing Til Next Time!


  1. Hey Lara, I loved reading your entry and seeing the photos..I felt as If I was Tasha Tudors world if only for a moment..I loved the tree all aglow and seeing your sweet kitty..I hope you have a wonderful weekend.;)

  2. Lara, I hope your Saturday is a better day. I would rather see the mice in the trap than on my feet, haha. Seriously, you could use those humane traps.

  3. Hi Lara, Your home is beautiful inside and out! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Stop by to see me soon!

  4. Glad to hear your cover isn't responsible for your furnace problems. Hope it gets fixed real soon.
    Love the glow of your tree.
    Maybe you need a second cat to stimulate the first cat into doing his job--fear of replacement, you know?
    Please visit my post "I'M ON A MISSION" and find some tips to make your blog more reader friendly.

  5. I hope you're staying warm and cozy. Your house looks so warm and welcoming. I love the picture of the cat by the tree. I finally got into the mood and did some decorating myself today.

  6. Your yard looks beautiful! I hope things get worked out with your furnace soon. I love the picture of your cat by the tree! So adorable!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. Thank you all for your concern . The furnace is working fine thank God. We are nice & warm. It must have been a fluke of sorts. Blessings!

  8. Sorry you had such a rough day. Although it makes for a tough time of getting around, your snow pictures are beautiful! One of my favorite things about cold, winter nights is turning off all the lights and just having my home aglow with candlelight, Christmas lights, and the fireplace... balsam fir & orange scent would definitely complete the scene!