Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happenings At The Homestead

Today I thought I would share some of the many happenings that have been going on here at the homestead. Today it is so bitter cold outside. I hate to go outside to do the laundry but we needed clean towels & wash clothes. Even the mice I believe have found it to be bitter cold. We have seen a few more inside the homestead. Today I treated Oliver to a day indoors. She is a good mouser. She has to earn her keep to eat today. If she gets those cute little field mice I will give her a special treat tonight.

The library called this week to let me know that the book I requested weeks ago was delivered from a library away from here. Off I went to pick it up. The Private World Of Tasha Tudor. Of course I had to look at all the beautiful colored photos first. Yes I did read bits & pieces of it as I turned the pages. I always like to read the last page first. Always have. The last pages of the last book of the Bible will make one want to read the rest so as to be ready to meet our Maker & be saved from that dreadful hot flaming place of torment.

Do you remember many years ago buying gold nugget gum in these little sacks? Weeks ago the country store Laken works at got some in. We purchased two bags. I like to find or make something new for the tree each year. After we chewed all the gum I though to myself how cute these would be on the tree. But the store was out & was not sure they could get anymore. Order placed & then the candy delivery was postponed a few days. Oh but then they arrived & Laken brought them home just a few nights ago.

I love how they look hanging from the branches of our homestead Christmas tree. I took the bags of gum out of each little gold sack & stuffed them. After Christmas I think I will coffee stain them for next year.

Our Christmas garden flag flutters in the cold crisp air out in the garden to greet all & reminds us of the Babe in a manger sent so many years ago to save us if we accept Christ as our savior & confess our sins. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. St. John 3:17

The homestead garden looks so barren & cold but I am sure those tulip bulbs under the frozen ground are doing their thing. The fish pond is frozen over but if I look real close I can see the fish swimming below. I have been keeping a air hole open in the ice for them each day since the freeze. If I just had a wood water wheel to keep the water flowing like the old tyme mills.

The first day deer season opened the boys dressed for hunting & their Dad took them to the woods to hunt down those poor beautiful white tail deer. Lucas got one early that day. After they drug it home & hung it their Dad went back out & soon after he got one himself. Later that night off went the deer to the butcher shop.

Sam & his Dad going back out to hunt a deer. This was the first year Sam could hunt. Hunting is really big in this area so the school gives two days off. I left Sam take an extra day off but he had no luck. The first day of season he watched the deer his brother shot fall to the ground & helped drag it home.

Tonight the homestead kitchen is warm a cozy with candles a glow. The slow cooker is filled with potatoes & tasty spiced deer meat. The yummy scent makes us want to eat right away. I do believe I would like to make some candied sweet potatoes in the old cast iron skillet for myself so I must be going to tend to my meal. Peace be with you all.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. love your decor and what you have been up too..what kind of spice is on the deer meat?..glad you have meat for the winter..its like having your food storage..and goodness knows with this economy and the way prices are going up.its nice to have the food storage going..have a wonderful evening;)

  2. It sounds like you have lots of activities going on :) :) :) I t hink that's really neat that the school gives some extra days off for those that go hunting. You know it's serious stuff when the school gives days off for hunting :) :) Oh, the decorations in your kitc hen look lovely. I really enjoyed all the items you have up in that last photo, too!!!! :) :) Enjoy the potatoes and spiced deer meat. When I lived in Norway, I went to an Italian restaurant...and it was pasta with deer meat :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. We have had the little visitors, as well. Alas, no kitties here and these dogs don't scare mice!
    Love your wreath!

  4. Your post sounds like a page right out of pioneer history. Neat:)

  5. Hello Lara! I'm catching up on blog reading and loved your last couple of posts! All your decor is so lovely and as for your new tree! Wow! It's perfectly prim!
    I so loved the verse from John 3.17.
    How thankful I am for God's mercy to me!
    Lovely post!

  6. Tasha Tudor was an amazing lady...I'd like to check out that book. Everything in your home looks so comforting and cozy. What a joy that must bring to you, I can tell you take real pride in your home and it's beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'm so happy you got your Tasha Tudor book. Amazing woman, wasn't she? It would have been absolutely wonderful to have met her, I agree. It was a dream of mine to get to Vermont and go on one of her house and garden tours and sit with her a spell. It's been such a lovely experience meeting her granddaughter in law, Amy, through my blog and writing back and forth with her just a little here and there over the past few months. She's a dear sweet person. The Private World of Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite books. I love the quotes and the photos are just beautiful. Have a wonderful time reading it and flipping through the photos.

    You do laundry outside? Brrrrrrr.... oh my goodness. You must be shivering all the way to and from and all the while doing the laundry. Oooo... just gives me the chills thinking of it.

    Thanks for stopping by CluckleBees and for your lovely comments. Keep warm!

    And blessings to you and your family for a beautiful and Blessed Christmas,

  8. What a cute idea on the gold nugget bags! Yes, I think they could use a little staining. They look great hanging on the tree.

    The homestead looks good! Thanks for sharing your faith on your blog. I'm so thankful that God loved me enough to sacrifice His one and only Son just to save me!