Monday, December 13, 2010

Toby Gets A Tank Cleaning

Sams red slider turtle got his tank cleaned this past weekend. I only have to clean it about 4 times a year. He is getting so big. When we got him about 4 years ago he was about the size of a cup coaster & now he is little bit bigger than a cup saucer. He is a bit heavy to. Tobys tank is in Sams bedroom where he can watch Toby swim before he goes to sleep. Toby is very adjusted to us humans. Toby knows who he should back away from when they approach the tank & pulls his head back into his shell. Toby knows when Sam gets up it is time for his feeding. Toby will paw at the side of the tank & get really excited when Sam starts dropping the food into the tank. Before bed at night Sam will feed Toby a little snack. If he is not fed his bed time snack Toby will dig in the rocks looking for something to eat. After Toby is fed at night he will go to the deepest end of the tank after I turn off his light Toby closes his eyes & sleeps for the night. It amazes me how his eyelids close from the bottom to the top. When Toby awakes his eyelids go down. His happy little green eyes are bright & shiny in the morning. Sam has always taken care of Toby as far as feeding him. Toby is a pet that is kept in a water tank & not handled but for when he is removed to clean the tank & only by me. I have filled the bath tub with water for Toby to take a deep swim while I clean his tank. In the winter is takes more time to clean the tank because I clean it inside in the bath tub. That makes much more work since I then have to clean the bath tub. Lots of dial bubbles & then soap & scrubbing to do. I am a bit picky when it come to germs so I am extra careful & then use alcohol to clean with. Lots of soap & hand sanitizer is used after all feedings & cleanings. It is so much easier to take it all outside & use the hose in the summer. Toby is not a pet to be held played with or cuddled. Really he is a pet to be looked at & watched much like a fish I guess you could say. Sam has his little dog to hold pet & cuddle. His little dog has a bed in Sams room where he sleeps at night. When Sam plays his game cube the turtle watches from the tank & his little dog watches while setting beside of him. While Sam is at school like today it is Mom who keeps his pets company til he gets off the school bus. That will not be long from now. I will have a full table tonight for supper. Sam & Lucas will be home from school & Laken has returned home last night from her trip & Hubby was moved to day shift for just this week. Off I must be going to start my magic of preparing a meal to feed all of those hungry bellies. Take care & thanks for stopping by for a visit today.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. love that cute little turtle and his story.:) have a wonderful rest of your day.:)

  2. Oh, such a cutie!
    Love the story! So enjoyed reading it!
    Amazing little turtle!
    Have a nice evening!

  3. Oh he is cute! The ones we were looking for were the littler ones.I forget what they were called.Thanks for sharing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. So cute! I bet that is quite a chore! I leave the fish tank to my husband, lol. Have a great night!

  5. My daughter has a red slider and she cleans his tank pretty often. Last week I asked her if she ever put him in the bath tub to swim around while she cleaned it and she hadn't. So she tried it and she said he swam the length of the tub in seconds, hahaha! I wish I could have seen it. Her's is named Dino. I am amazed at how that little creature does things. When he sleeps, all his body parts are stretched way out, it's the craziest thing.

  6. I meant to say thanks for sharing your story about Toby!