Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chickens * Paint * Shop Event

The baby chicks sure have grown much faster than I guessed they would. Today is the first they were out in the dirt to scratch & enjoy the fresh air.

Sam's little dog watched over the baby chickens while I cleaned their brooder. He kept the cats away. I am wondering if Ollie's suitor's will soon stop visiting. Ollie's is still in her fenced home.

The boards were finally cut & nailed to the door. Now it was time to decide weather to stain or paint. The doors in my Pap & Grams house were made like this. Gram wanted to change them but Pap did not want to because he made them. Then years later I cover doors to make them look like theirs. Their house is being remodeled by the new owner. I have not been in it since after their passing. I hope they keep the doors as they were.

I decided on paint for the doors. This door will be finished once the holes are enlarged for the new door knob & it is installed. Then on to the next one. Taking a break from it for now. My last test results came back ok. I took Lucas to the doctor today for his work permit. The doctor heard me coughing & listened to my lungs. I ended up with meds before I came home. He told me if I did not get on meds right away it would be a case of pneumonia. I have not felt well for three weeks but never gave it a thought. Laken started her new job today. After she goes to work tomorrow & the boys get home off we will be going to buy Lucas pants for work. The job supplies shirts but he has to have black twill pants & black sneakers. So glad he already has the black sneakers. Look's like Sam & I will have alot of alone time to enjoy. He is a big fan of Yahtzee.

Clear your schedule & take a trip to an old historic town for an all day event. If you like antiques & prims you will not want to miss it. To find out more visit While there be sure & visit The Birds Nest Farm The Shoppe where my creations are offered. You can use the shop link in my side bar to get there also.

A thought to ponder:

To Be In Your Children's Memories Tomorrow, You Must Be In Their Lives Today

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I like the door painted:) Wow,are those the same chicks that you had indoors a week ago? I'm so glad that doctor was kind enough to take the time for you too. You gotta take care of yourself too sweety:) We want you well.
    I'm a big fan of yahtzee too!

  2. Your chicks are growing leaps and bounds while loving the pecking and scratching. My 81 yr old mother just set a cluck. I guess she wants chicks afterall.
    Love the painted door. I hope, too, that the remodel of your Grandparents place, keeps the door.
    Hope you are feeling better today and the best to your children. Soon they will be on their own and you will relish their visits/catch-up moments.
    The best with your sales at the antique/prim show. Sounds like fun.
    Especially, I loved your last statement of making memories for your kids. So ' right on.'

  3. Hi Lara, I like the painted door, looks really good. Don't the chicks grow fast!! Almost overnight.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Hi,Lara
    Look how big they are don't time fly by~ before you know it eggs!
    Sorry to hear your not feeling well~ get better soon~ also glad to hear test result ok~
    I love the door~ so special you made it like your Grandparents door~ the paint is the perfect touch~
    Wonderful times for your children! I love the thought to ponder!
    enjoy your day~ prayers for getting well~

  5. Hi Lara, its been a long time since i've had a chance to post a comment on your blog. It looks like spring is well on its way where you live and the chicks are so cute. I love pics of the outhouse that I've seen in other posts! (i'm envisioning a place for something like that on my yard, although we wouldn't actually be able to use it as an outhouse) You asked me a while back about our German language, its a low german dialect that is somewhat different from the Amish as I believe their's is called Pennsylvania Dutch. Definitely similarities though. Anyways I hope to keep in touch more often now. Happy Spring to you

  6. That's a neat idea for the door, I really like it painted.

    How nice of the dr to take care of you too. You must have a really good one! Most won't do that unless you make an appt so they can make more $$. Hope you are feeling much better by now!