Monday, April 18, 2011

Flooded Yard / Move In Day For The Chickens

The rain came down all day Saturday & the yard started to flood as I watched from the window's & took these picture's from the window's. It was the first day of fishing season here but the water ways were flooded. Road's were closed due to the flooding in area's. Sam missed out on fishing this past weekend. I did not miss cleaning trout. Lucas started his first day of on the job training Saturday & Laken made her way to Gettysburg. Taking longer due to some flooded road's.

The chicken's enjoyed the day in the chicken run. They are getting to big for the chicken brooder. Good thing it was a nice clear day today. I finished staining the chicken coop. I added a rabbit feeder to the large door. I added some glass board that was left over from a shower wall. This will make it much easier to keep the floor clean. The large door is the perfect size & heigth for backing my little garden dump wagon right up to it when I will need to change the shaving's. The chicken poo & shaving's will go right into my garden's for fertilizer.

I added a nice thick layer of pine shavings to the floor & the nesting boxes & hung the old chicken warter I got at a public sale week's ago. Now the coop is ready for our chicken's. Off I went to gather them one by one to introduce them to their new home.

Our five hen's & one rooster are happily scratching about their new home tonight. After I took this picture I secured the doors to the chicken coop & I assume the Chickie's are sleeping by now as I type. Now to count the day's til our girl's start laying those wonderful egg's. My egg gathering basket is ready. It is calling for rain tomorrow but I am hoping it will hold off until I get the onion's in the garden. The boy's will be home early & Lucas will need to get to work soon after they get home. So my taxi service will be running at full force. For now my bed is calling me. A little reading before I shut my eye's. I am reading 40 Days with Jesus Celebrating His Presence. 40 short message's for each day to read & ponder as my heart grow's closer to my Savior as I spend time in His word.

Blessing's Til Next Time!


  1. The chicken house turned out great Lara! Love the water dispenser. :)

  2. Your homestead is just beautiful!! Love the chicken coop. I wish we would get some rain, so dry in Texas right now. Hopefully soon rain will come our way.

  3. Love your pictures and the chicken coop...I'm going to make one next year for sure!

  4. I would rather have the rain than the snow that is coming our way.
    Love the chicken coop!
    Stay Warm
    Prim Blessings

  5. The chicken coop really turned out wonderful! Your yard looks nice too, even with the heavy rains. My parents live in Md. where a tornado hit this weekend. Luckily it did not reach their home. Hope you have a great day.

  6. Hopefully the rain will hold off so whats there can soak in and evaporates so you don't get worse flooding....The chicken coop is so adorable, I am so jealous!:0) Hope you are having a great day!!

  7. Your chickens should be smiling!!! You did an awesome job on it. I LOVE the photos too of your yard (even though it's getting a little bit more soaking than you bargained for). You have a nice place and your pride in it shows. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lara
    Pretty yard~ so peaceful looking~ relaxing!!!
    The chickens are growing so fast ~ love the coop!!!!

  9. Ahh, what a nice cozy coop. It looks great Lisa:) You did good girl. Our yard had flooding too from all the rain for a couple days. We have two sump pumps in our basement:(

  10. I love your yard, it is so pretty!

    What an awesome chicken coop! I'm sure they will love it. Enjoy those eggs!

  11. wow! i love your yard! looks like the chickens are going to have a great home! :)