Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My New Treasure

I found this lap desk that needed some repairs. I planned on repairing it & painting it black. After putting it in the dinning room I discovered it was the same color as the barn sink. I decided to keep it the color it is. For now the center panel is glued back into the frame of the desk lid.

My barn sink is in front of the fireplace on Pap's wood chest. Sprint flower's are in the old crock & my sheep are amongst the flower's.

I woke to rain dancing on the tin roof early today. I love that sound. It is so easy to just stay in bed & sleep. Oh but I had to get the boy's up & drive them to their bus stop. Not much going on today at the homestead with all the rain. The chickens were put in the run for a few hours. I hope tomorrow will be rain free so I can finish staining the chicken coop. I have pea's & onion's to get in the garden. I should be able to get all this done if the rain holds off.

Lucas is at work & Sam & I will be going to pick him up after his shift end's. Laken came back home today so the kid's & I will all be home tonight.

Please continue to join in prayer for the fellow blogger I requested prayer for in my last post.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I want one too! I am always on the look out for one of these, you are a lucky Easter duck!

  2. I love both the lap desk and the barn sink. There's something about old wood pieces that speak to the heart.

  3. Love the desk!! The barn sink looks great with the flowers and sheep.
    Hope you get some sunshine!!

  4. I love your new treasure and I think the color is great!


  5. How neat that they are the same color. I love your new piece and it's gonna look great wherever you put it.

    Your barn sink arrangement is beautiful! Love the little sheep that are tucked in, so cute!