Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colorful Blooms

The garden is waking from a very long winters sleep with colorful blooms & sound of trickling water in the pond with swimming fish enjoying the sunshine as they feed. I have waited for months to see my beautiful yellow & red jewels bloom from the bulbs I planted last fall. The grass is green again & the snow fountain cherry trees are budding. I love to see Gods beauty come to life in the garden. I have started Pansy & Viola seedlings in a little greenhouse tray to plant around the pond. Now to count the days.

Yesterday was a beautiful warm day sun shinning bright with birds singing in the trees. As the chickens scratched & pecked in the chicken run the ducks roamed freely on the homestead grounds. I cleaned out the kitty house, duck house & our little dogs house. Their spring cleaning is done & all have fresh bedding to snuggle down in. I started to stain the chickens little coop. I only got one side of the roof done & two sides stained before the dark clouds moved in over head & the wind began to blow. The stain was not completely dry so I covered the chicken coop with tarps. Good thing I did because it spit the rain down fast but short. Today it continued to rain off & on. Come back sunshine I need to finish staining the chicken coop. Oh but April showers bring May flowers.

A thought to ponder:

We never know what tomorrow will bring or if it will come at all. Always look at the glass as being half full & not half empty. It tends to remind us there is always something to be thankful for. Never let kind words unsaid because you may never have another chance to say them again.

Please join me in lifting prayers for a fellow blogger & her family in the days to come. This family has lost a loved one & will need continued prayers.

Blessings Til next Time!


  1. I see spring is waking at your home. Soon, we will be welcoming spring also. Until then, I will enjoy your blooms.
    My prayers are with your fellow blogger as they relive memories of their loved one.

  2. Your yard is coming together so nicely. :-)

    I wanted to thank you for your kind words and support during this difficult time in my family. It means so very much to me.


  3. Beautiful pond & flowers!!
    my thoughts & prayers for your friend~

  4. what a wonderful thought to ponder! definitely something i need to remember!

    wish our flowers were blooming like yours! soon enough, i suppose!

  5. You are blessed to have such beauty surrounding you. How relaxing it must be to have the pond and the gazebo to sit and enjoy God's creation all around you. Your flowers are so pretty!

    Sorry to hear about your blogger friend. I will pray for them.