Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plants Around The Pond / This & That

I just could not wait. I had to get outside & start planting around the pond this week. I so enjoyed myself.

I have been excited about planting around the new pond since it was finished last fall. I moved the bleeding heart plants & stella de Oro Daylilys from the flowerbed behind the gazebo. I moved the birdbath from behind the gazebo to. I like it better behind the pond. I purchased two Scarlett O'Hara Pieris shrubs & four Fort Hill Creeping Phlox to plant around the pond. I am tickled with how it is looking. I plan to put flat rocks between the flowers for stepping stones. This pond is much bigger than the last one & it has two shelves in the corners. Now I can have water lilies this summer. I had planned on adding our waterfall to the pond but after all the digging last summer & finding so many large rocks I decided to add plants instead. We need to make a trip to the woods for more rocks soon. I can never have to many rocks.

The little magnolia tree I planted last summer was full of beautiful blooms this week. Twice I have spotted a humming bird stopping by. I planted it for privacy on one side of the gazebo. I wish it would grow faster. I got the onions in & the peas have started to grow. The rain water has been good for them. I am going to plant green beans as soon as all danger of frost is over.

I was shocked when I went out to the gazebo one day last week. The neighbor trimmed his tree leaving alot of open space & little privacy. I moved all my lilies back to the flower bed along the house. I am thinking I might just plant zebra grass in the flower bed behind the gazebo to close it in for privacy.

My bowl rack I purchased from Carol at Firecracker Kid is now filled. I wanted two more bowls to fill the top rack & I finally found two the same size. I also got the wood scones from Carol. I have a link in my side bar for the Firecracker Kid blog. It is worth the visit. Many wonderful wood pieces perfect for your homestead.

I have been working on tags for my creations. I will be putting them on the items I have at the shop & all the new items I will be adding. The tags have my blog address on them. I am hoping when an item is purchased at the shop that the customer will look me up for future purchases for other items that will not be going to the shop.

The chickens are roaming freely about the homestead grounds with the ducks. I never had chickens before. I have been very surprised at how fast they grow & how friendly they are. As I worked in the flower beds they all just followed me about. Sam & I visited a local farmer Monday night looking for silky chicks. It so happened the farmer has a silky chicken sitting on a nest now. We plan to stop back in a few weeks to pick up two chicks to add to the flock. So this is what I have been up to lately when it is now pouring down the rain. Now that the rain has stopped I will be going for a walk.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi LarA...Its beginning to look alot like spring around your place... The Pond looks so nice... I miss my pond and would love to put one in beside my trailer..we'll see how time goes ..
    Your little Magnolia Tree looks great...

    By the way the chicks look real happy in there new home!!

    Have fun working your yard..god willing it will start to rain less and less soo so we can all get out there and play in the dirt!!


  2. It is a lovely addition. We had one for years but took it out when we added the pergola to the patio. I hope to get some sort of smaller fountain so I can hear the flowing of water. Our pond had a cascade/waterfall and it was an absolute song to me. All your hard work is inspirational to me. Gotta get my patio pots planted!

  3. Hi Lara:) Everything looks great! Those zebra grasses should do the trick to giving you some privacy. You've been keeping busy and it shows what a good job you're doing. I love the way your bowl rack and sconces look.

  4. All your hard work is an inspiration!! Everything looks just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lara
    Your homestead is looking beautiful~ love the new flowers around the pond!!
    Shelf looks so prim pretty with the bowls & wood scounces on each side!
    enjoy your day