Monday, May 17, 2010

Armed Forces Day

This weekend we enjoyed the company of 4 of the kids and 1 grand. Hubby I and 2 of the boys visited an Army Depot. There was much to see. Military vehicles and equipment are shipped back home and tore down to the last bolt. Any worn or nonworking parts are fixed or replaced. It was stressed how important it is for there work to done to standard. These vehicles and equipment are shipped back and our soldiers will be using them again soon. Our soldiers are protecting our country and those at home are doing there part in providing safe vehicles and equipment. Not your regular state inspection of vehicles. Much more to it. My Gram worked at this Army Depot while my Pap served in WW2. They got married at the army base he was stationed at in Tenn. right before he was shipped out. So I could not help but think of Gram & Pap on this day. Gram passed on 7 yrs ago and Pap passed on 1 yr ago. Pap was given a full military service. Paps was the first military service I had ever been to. The flag draped casket, the somber sounds of the horn and final gun shots. I don't normally take photos at funerals but I wanted an ending to Paps story. A scrapbook of his army days had been put together before he passed on and the photo was to be the end photo of his story. When our daughter was in grade school she was to do a report on a Vet. Her Great grandfather my Pap. She won a money certificate for it. Blessings to all those who served and still serve! May the Lord protect and bring them home soon.

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