Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Look For The Cookie Firkin & More

I got this cookie firkin some time ago at a used shop and at the time it was stained walnut and had red lettering spelling cookies. I painted it black and that worked for some time but after the crock shelf and wood garbage can holder redo I thought I would like it the same color as them. They all have a mustard yellow color to them and well I like to have a bit of that color in every room because it just says happy to me. So I removed the metal bands and spray painted them with Rust-Oleum textured rusty paint. Oh how I like them. After the paint and rubbed on walnut stain dried on the wood pieces we tyred to put it back together. Easier said than done. Needless to say I needed more hands than mine. Bands did not want to go back on. Ended up scratching the paint and stain bad. No big deal I can touch it up now that the bands are finally on. Masked off the rusty bands and the paint went in on the bands. By this time I was disgusted so the bands ended up painted. Maybe not a project to do when in a bit of pain and not much patience I guess. I still like it.

I did some tweaking on the dough board while sitting on my wood kitchen ladder. I got the idea from All Roads Lead Home Blog. Hers is really nice. So this is what I had to work with. See the drugstore mortar. I sanded it over the garbage can and oiled it up while sitting on the couch with my foot elevated.

Had some boards and square rods cut for me (I just had to have square rods to be a bit different) so I glued them into place and filled in with wood putty. These will be for in the hall that may soon get finished. I sure hope. Hubby got the board and rod but has not got the door knobs or pine planks yet for the door redo's. Been busy with work and yard. Sticks Stitches~n~Boards did a beautiful peg rack in her kitchen awhile back and I have been wanting to do this. She gave a really great how to. You got to see her Timmy duckling too.

Remember that little red wood box I got for .75 cents? Well I decided what to do with it. Oh I will be keeping it the same color. While reading blogs I noticed many have need of prayer. Sick loved ones - Loss of a loved one - Loss of a job - Healing for marriage - Unsaved loved ones - these are just some. So I decided it will be my prayer box. Inside will be a list of names - my blog followers - those I follow & loved ones. God knows the needs of all of us.

Who knows what new blooms may be in the garden today or if Clarence is still roaming about. I hope so! I need a toad like The Country Blossom has too. Maybe I can get help out to the garden & in before Hubby goes off to work tomorrow. Check for blooms - Clarence - Ollie & kits.

Blessing Til Next Time


  1. You are really busy but I think busy hands are blessed hands too!
    It's so frustrating tho' when some of our efforts defy us!! I still really like your cookie firkin and how you've arranged your stove top board!
    Keep up the good work as I love stopping by to see your handiwork!

  2. Hi Lara, nice work there in the kitchen while sittin' on your stool. Great idea for making your box into a prayer box. So many in need of them. You're a good gal;o) Hugs~Carol

  3. Lara - I love what you did with all these little projects! I LOVE the vignette on your dough board! It looks GREAT!