Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peg Rack In The Hall

My dream hall is moving on a little more. The peg rack is done and was put up today. Hubby asked why I wanted it in the hall? He says it belongs in the kitchen to hang coats on. He has too many coats and not enough hooks now. Wait til he sees what I have in mind. Not sure myself. I need to look at more magazines you know the ones he thinks I should stop looking at. Ideas more projects. I saw some nice wood shutters in Country Sampler Home Tour Edition 2010 page 114. I must have these some place. Will see.

I have no special craft space so everything is stored in the oak dresser I have in the dining room and in the bedroom inside of wood cheese boxes and yes ugly plastic storage tubs. I hope so much to some day redo the bedroom. When we are sure no one is moving back home I want to take the wall out between our room and our youngest sons room and make it one big master bedroom. Dream dream dream! But for now I have been looking for something to cover my singer up with when not in use. I drag it all over the house. Even to the gazebo. Well you must see the answer to this problem and so much more at Gettysburg Homestead Blog. Andy's Primitive Farmhouse Blog gave me the inspiration to work on my little dolls today. She found a beauty. Lets remember her friend's need of a roof due to the tornado and to hold off the rain.

Did a little more tweaking in the kitchen today. I put a candle in the 5 generation crock and put it in the middle of grams caner rack and jars. Oh it smells so good. Can you smell the warm scent of butternut vanilla?

I placed the prayer list inside the prayer box and had a little chat with My Lord and Saviour.

This little guy is resting in his basket next to me as I blog today.

Til next time blessings!


  1. Lara I hope your dreams come true!! Those magazines have a lot to answer for!lol!
    I love your prayer list box - need one, I think.

    Thanks so much for your earlier comments on my last post - I was truly blessed by your last phrase that God never gives us a task we will fail at.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit,

  2. Lara - I think that the canner rack with all the jars and the crock is so cute!

  3. That's so sweet of you to keep a prayer box. Bless you Lara.
    Little dolls... oh I can't wait to see.