Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes It Would Be A Sewing Machine Cabinet

A home for my sewing machine that will hide it when I am not using it and the best thing is that it can stay in the DR. No more moving it from room to room. A few days ago I asked if anyone could guess what I had in mind for the singer and one blogger guessed right. Handles on the sides to lift it off the sewing machine. Fake drawers so it will not look like a plain wood box. Thought it would look a bit like the old Clarke thread display cases. Years ago I seen a Clarke spool case I just loved. At the old country store where I got my bottle of Coke. They had a red Coke cooler that had bottled soda with water and ice in it. You popped the soda bottle cap off on the side opener of the cooler. I would take a gulp of Coke and dumped my little bag of salted peanut's in the Coke bottle. It was good. This old store had an old time bell that rang when you opened the door too. The owner would come over from his house that was connected to the store. Just like the Wilton's you could say. I thought it would be nice to have a compartment with a lid for my thread and such. I had old baskets that the thread spools fit in. No more digging in a basket for my thread. It will all be in one spot now. Hubby was kind enough to cut wood to the sizes I wanted. At one time I was just looking for an old wooden biscuit box to cover it but another blogger got me thinking after she posted her DR redo. Thank you to her and my Hubby. Now I have not decided if it should be stained or painted. Was leaning toward gray paint. I already have stain and red paint. My daughter asked my Sons and I to go with her today while she applied for a job so I got to leave the Homestead. We stopped at Lowes and I got some gray paint. Seen some more baskets like the ones I got last week there but without the chalkboards. I could only reach one so I told a clerk I needed one more but it was on the top shelf. If you have been to a Lowes you know there shelves are almost to the ceiling. The clerk responded by saying. Well then get one. I was shocked. One of my Son's seen one on the bottom shelf clear in the back and got it. The clerk told him congratulations you have one now. He must have been having a bad evening I guess. So what do you all think paint or stain? Blessings til next time!


  1. What a great Sewing Machine cover. I saw the DR redo one too and thought then it was nifty! I'm a paint under stain gal myself. So I say use both.

  2. Oh my Gosh I just LOVE your sewing machine cabinet. So glad I could inspire you. It turned out great! The idea with the thread on top was awesome I wish I'd thought of it too.


  3. I guessed right:) Nice! Your story about the old general store surprised me, because I lived with my adopted family in an old house that was attached to a general store that had the door with the bell when someone came in, and the old Coca Cola pop cooler with the slide back lids. I too used to put peanuts in my coke. How about that! Pretty neat I say:)