Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Of This & That

You could say I have been a bit out of order. I fell last week and hurt my foot. Doc says to stay off of swollen foot for three weeks. Keep foot and ankle in a brace. Yep that easier said than done. So many things need done. With help to the garden I can share some pic's with you. There are some new blooms and we had some visitors. A beautiful butterfly and this amazing turtle we named Clarence.

Then there is Ollie and her kittens. I heard a kitten crying and looked out the window and there Ollie was with a kitten in her mouth. Poor little kitten. She must not have been happy at the barn because she had already taken all but this kitten to the basement and put them in a box. Well I guess Hubby will not let the door open again. All were taken back to the barn. Needless to say she try ed it again but the door was closed. A few days later their little eyes were opened and we took a pic of them.

Well for Mothers day I got lots of flowers! All ye and this really nice weed eater Hubby got and then told me he got it for me. How nice of him to get me something he wanted. Ha Ha!

Well I did get some treasures too! The Country Blossom Blog had a post with baskets that had chalkboards on and I just loved them. Perfect for a project I have in mind. Lowes had 2 left. My Mom gave me the brown crock which has been in the family for 5 generation. I am the 5th. Also the coffee grinder which was my grams. My MIL gave me the white creamer and sugar bowl to go with my collection. I picked up this mortar that I am cleaning up and a very nice large butter bowl to add to the bowl rack I got from Firecrackerkid Primitives Blog. The wood sconces I got there too I decided to put blue green Ball Mason jars in them that have battery operated candles in. I feel pretty blessed.

Last of all I decided to offer Andy as the Monday's Offering this past Monday - to the blog only until next Monday's Offering..

Till next time Blessings!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Sorry to hear about your foot - be sure to give it time to heal. Your flowers are lovely and what a treat to see 'Clarence' and 'Ollie and her kittens'. TFS.

  2. You are so lucky that you will have ducklings soon!!!! That is so fantastic!!! :)

    I love Clarence...hehe...too cute!
    And I am so glad you were able to find those cute baskets too! Aren't they great? I hope you will share with us the project you have in mind for them!!! :) It sounds neat!

  3. I love all your dough bowls! Do you find them mostly on ebay? That's where I've gotten a couple of mine. You have so many nice goodies tucked in everywhere in your home!

  4. If your cat is trying to bring her kittens indoors, it's probably because she feels they are safer in your basement, she's only trying to protect her babies