Monday, May 3, 2010

My Package Has Arrived - Wood Sconces

My new wood sconces are here! I was doing some tweaking to the sconces I had hanging in the dinning room after I had the bowl rack hung. Oh - no! I broke one of the glass lanterns and broke the one arm off the sconce. The arm was a bit bent and I thought I could pull on it and bend it into shape. Well that did not work out to well. What to do next? Firecrackerkid Primitives had these wood sconces I really liked. So here they are hung up on each side of the bowl rack. If you remember I posted some photos of the bowl rack and a rolling pin bowl keep I got a while back from Firecrackerkid Primitives. I like these wood sconces much better. I still need to get a few more butter bowls to fill the rack and some kind of candles to put in the wood sconces . I think I my have come up with a solution to the ugly furnace door until the furnace is moved to the basement and I get a pantry. I am hoping sooner than later. If not - I was thinking of a panel made of the same pine planks we used to cover the closet door. The panel could be used all summer and then easily removed this winter if the furnace is not moved by then. Above the unpainted pine plank pieces on the furnace door is the rolling pin bowl keep made by Firecrackerkid Primitives. You can find wonderful primitive wood pieces like mine and many others at


  1. I love your bowl rack and new sconces. It all makes for a wonderful prim display!
    Best wishes

  2. Oh boy Lara, I thought that might be what you were gonna do with those sconces;) and you moved the rolling pin dough bowl keep in the kitchen right next to that awesome door you just finished. I'm tickled prim! Thanks so much for posting my link too. You're a doll:)