Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank's & More

I would like to take the time and say thanks to all of you who read my blog. Also I would like to thank all of you who write the blogs that I read. I have enjoyed reading them and I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from the many projects you have all shared. I have enjoyed the many posts with scripture verses you have shared and it has helped me to take more time out of my day and think of others. That little red .75 cent box may have been cheap but it has brought me much closer in my walk with God. As I pass by it and place my hand on it and ask God to touch, bless and meet the needs of all listed on those sheets it helps keep me in check with my own walk with God. I know it is not a perfect world but I want everyone to be happy.

I bid on these treadle sewing machine drawers but I let them go. More than I ever thought they would go for. Over $100.00. They were beautiful to say the least. The dining room table has been a little full so we ate dinner in the living room and watched t.v.

I have some packs of seeds I want to get planted. In the crock are peach seeds I saved from peaches last summer. I want to plant them to. Hubby thinks I am nuts. What country girl can be without her own orchard?
I have so many ides swimming inside my head right now. Can you guess what I have in mind for this singer?

Blessing til next time!


  1. Oh Lara, you've sure got plenty to do, which is good. Would that be a sewing machine cabinet? Those old sewing machine drawers were built to last. Seems I see a lot of them around without the old treadle cabinet.

  2. This girl here would like an orchard of her own too! LOL. We have apple, pear, and cherry trees, but I'd love to have some peach trees too. Our apple and pears aren't producing yet; we planted them four or five years ago. The cherry tree produces a nice amount - they're pie cherries so they're not great to just pick and eat. However, we do have a sweet cherry tree that is huge and has grown wild. We always enjoy the yummy cherries from that tree!

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