Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage Phone * Garden * Discounts

I got this nice old oak phone a few years back. I was new to eBay auctions but I wanted an old wood phone. I bid on one and ended up with it. Hubby rolled his eyes and said what do you want that for? when it came. Well when the electric goes out and the modern electronics will not work I still have a house phone just in case the cell phone is not charged. The old Zenith radio at the desk was Pap & Grams. It is a future project too. I put an old phone from about 20 or so years ago inside of the vintage phone after it had been gutted and hung. I painted the phone line brown to match the bead board and ran it threw a hole in the back of the vintage phone. When the electric is out and the sound of a ring is coming from that old wood vintage phone it is cool. Can you just imagine what visitors would think?

As I sat at the desk this morning looking out the window the bird's just flew in the trees and sang but none came to the feeder. To my surprise I seen why. The neighbor's cat from out the lane was on the ground waiting. Those birds out smarted that old cat. It left without it's paw's needing washed.

This old bucket in the flower bed looked so prim I had to snap a photo. The rhododendron bushes have just started to bloom today and the barberry bushes are getting so filled out. What will bloom next? I hope the trumpet vine. A humming bird buzzed around the gazebo so I did fill a feeder.

Almost forgot about the discounts I got last weekend. Some new dish clothes a dish towel. Of course some fabric and flower sack's. A new pad to write my to do list and grocery list on. Maybe I can remember to take the list with me. All these were marked down. Thrift store finds were the small wooden box .75 and a roll of woven stuff .25. I will think of something to do with it and I liked the color of the wooden box.

I must get busy creating next Mondays Offering.

Blessings My Prim Friend's Til Next Time


  1. Ah those ole cats. I've got a photo of one of our cats waiting and looking up at the birdhouse. I love the old phone and radio and your blooms are beautiful. Clever girl you are:) Hugs~Carol

  2. I just love that old phone! How fun!! :)

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  3. Hi Lara..Could you please go to my blog and leave a comment letting me know if it is O K to snag a copy of the log cabin you have on your header...I am trying to make some Prim labels for my soap and that would be perfect..when you go to my blog you can just click on my selling blog and email me through there..It is the easiest.
    Thank you & hope to hear from you soon (Oh and I Love your prim dolls)

  4. I love the old phone! So unique. WHat a special touch it adds! You snagged some great thrift store finds! I really like that little red box. It's a great rustic color. And that roll of burlap ribbon is nice - I have some of that but I'm sure I paid more for it than you did, lucky girl!

  5. Oh yes it looks great and what a gr8 idea! Your phone looks almost just like mine. I love all your vintage goodies!!!! ~~Pam