Friday, May 21, 2010

Memories Of Gram

Friday was the anniversary of my Grams passing. As I looked around our homestead and seen the many wonderful treasures that I have of her's it brings back many memories. Her old Singer Sewing Machine was one of the last things my Pap gave me day's before he passed. The old washboard she used to scrub my socks out by hand to get them really white for school. The candy dish her dear SIL gave her. Every time any of us Grand kids or Great grand kids lifted the lid she would say don't break that candy dish. Her SIL ment a lot to her. The highchair Grams children, Grand children & most of her Great grand children all used. An ice cream bucket I got the day of the estate sale. She made ice cream for us & the church festivals for years. Grams FF cutter pap gave me after Gram passed. She made us many of good FF. with this. One of Grams rolling pins my Daughter rolled her first pie crust out with while staying a weekend with Gram & Pap. One of the two tone crocks she gave me for a wedding anniversary one year. The white crocks I got the day of the estate sale. The old Kentucky scales Gram wrapped up one year and brought them to where I worked and gave them to me for my birthday. As a child I loved to play with them. The brown bowl was hers also. At one time she had a flower planted in it. The little lantern she kept on the organ. A quilt she made & gave me the last Christmas we had together. Her old brown bean pot my pap gave me. It was a long standing joke. At holiday diner's I always told her I wanted it. She said I could have it when she was gone. I love the bean pot but oh how I wish I still had her. The flour sifter was in a box lot I got at the estate sale. The gray granite ware pieces she picked up for me at a sale because she knew how much I liked them. Gram always did kind things like that. The green salt & pepper shaker set I got after Pap passed. He had asked me to make a list with some things I would like to have. He knew he had a short time left. The old brown crock was Grams fathers & I got it the day of the estate sale. The old yellow ware bowl she used to make bread in. When I was little I loved to punch the raised dough down & wait to see it rise again. It has some cracks but I love it any way. My Mother says thats why I should have it. I like cracks and all. All of these things mean so much to me and the memories that go with them. She was a kind & loving person. I miss her much. As the tears fill my eyes I think of the last talk we had before her stroke. She talked about all her treasures she had and how she wanted to go to the attic and go threw them. She never got to do that. Before we said good bye I told her I loved her & Pap. She replied back we love you too. These were the last words we said to each other. I am thankful God gave us that last long long talk on the phone & that I have so many of her treasures to cherish.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your grams, sounds like she was an amazing woman and your paps seemed the best as well. I can tell by your writings that they both treasured you. Hold these things dear to your heart and you will always have them near. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. what wonderful memories and treasures from your grandma and grandparents were not like that and we hardly ever saw them..let alone cook and do fun things with them..I love all of your sweet wonderful treasures and love the memories that you shared..have a great rest of your weekend.;)

  3. Aww, Lara those are all precious heirlooms grams and pap passed on to you. Makes your heart fill with joy to have them along with the memories I'll bet. I'm so happy for you that you have that. I never had the opportunity to know any of my grandparents, but it wasn't meant to be. Hugs xoxo

  4. What sweet and precious memories you have of your grandmother. I love heirlooms. What gifts you will have to pass on to your children one day.

  5. I love your post - it shows the love you have for your dear Grandmother - so glad you have things to remember her by.

  6. Hi Lara-Love your post and your blog. Love family, history and old things that connect us with the past. Glad you have some things to remember your Grandma will always treasure them.
    I am new to the blog world so if you get the chance check out my blog spot!